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(MacOS) Catalina Crisis – On my Om


Creatives – visual and musical — are the principal constituents of macOS and the people who have supported the company’s products through thick and thin. How is that Adobe and Apple weren’t coordinating better on making everything work well is beyond imagination? For Apple to drop the ball on products that are focused on these two communities shows that something fundamentally is broken inside the company and its macOS group.

And we have not even started talking about issues with Mail, Security, and scores of other bugs. This release has made me turn off the Auto-update feature on all Apple devices. They can not be counted on to deliver a quality software experience that won’t cripple devices anymore. 

Ouch. Apple is having a tough time with this release cycle. For what it’s worth, I’ve upgraded both my devices to Mojave and haven’t had any issues. To be fair, Apple did let everyone know this transition to 64-bit only was coming a year ago.