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Foldimate’s laundry-folding machine actually works now - The Verge


I clipped in my Verge T-shirt to the machine, which pulled in the shirt and produced a neatly folded shirt in about five seconds. Foldimate says that you can fold an entire load of laundry in about five minutes, which includes collared shirts, pants, and medium-sized towels.

I’ve been wanting a machine like this for years. All they need now is the attachment that lets you throw all the clothes from your dryer straight into the Foldimate. The gifs in the Verge article don’t do the machine justice like this YouTube video does.

The machine still looks like a prototype to me, and the sounds that it makes while running make me think that there’s a lot of moving parts in there that could break. We’ll see how it’s going in five years or so.