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I woke up at four this morning thinking about politics, community, what I think the role of government should be, and how disappointed I am with our political choices in the past year. I don’t understand why so many people voted the way they did, especially christians, but I know that there is nothing I can do about what happens now. Not until the next election cycle in a couple of years anyway. Spending so much time thinking about it is not healthy, so I’m letting it go.

Republicans, you’ve made your bed, now you’ve got to sleep in it for the next four years. Good luck.

Democrats, this election should have been a landslide, you screwed up, now we all have to deal with the consequences.

Moderates… are there any of you left?

I’d like to ask how it came to this, but the answer is obvious. Trump is the end result of a decades-long push by the right to discredit science and the media in the name of profit. Now we have large swaths of the population who firmly believe, well, whatever they want to believe. Not in matters of faith, which has always been the case, but in matters of fact. If you are not going to believe what an expert says about her specialty, if you are going to pick and choose what news to believe based on if it aligns with your political ideology, you have lost touch with reality.

As previously mentioned, there is nothing I can do about what someone else believes. In fact, there is good research that shows that trying to persuade someone with facts will only entrench them further. I believe we are at a point where only tragedy will convince people that facts do, in fact, exist. That things like honor, accountability, and integrity are important traits in our leaders. I have no more spare space in my mind to occupy with politics, so I am taking myself out of the discussion to concentrate on things that I can make a difference in.

However, don’t mistake my reluctance to share political articles with an agreement with your party. If you ask me my opinion I’ll give it to you. I’m simply stepping off to the sidelines to watch as events unfold.


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