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A Fresh Coat of Paint

I spent some time remodeling the old digs here, adding a fresh coat of paint in the form of a new theme, new hosting, and a shiny new SSL lock.

The new paint comes in the form of the Swiss Jekyll Theme, which I just thought looked like fun while keeping the site readable. The only configuration I did was to switch the theme color to orange, just to brighten things up a bit. And I like orange. I decided a while back that designing my own theme comes at the price of me not writing as much, because I tend to spend too much time tweaking the theme. Now, I search around and browse through twenty or thirty themes till I find a few that I like, then I download each of them and drop my content in them, run the site locally and see how my posts look. Most of the time I just go with my gut… do I feel happy when I look at the site? If not, I move on. For now, I’m happy with how this looks.

I was inspired by Jack Baty’s post on moving to Amazon to migrate my own blog over to S3 and CloudFront. I love that the SSL comes along for the ride. Although I don’t need it for anything here, at least Chrome users won’t be subject to a warning when visiting my site. I remember advocating for doing this back in 2002 in a paper I wrote for college, encrypt everything.

Apart from that, the site is still my outlet for talking about technology, design, and culture. It’s a place for me to own my words, and hopefully say something useful. Maybe, someday years from now, my kids or my grandkids will find this and have some idea of who I was, and what I stood for.

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