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A New World

CocoaHeads changed my life. This afternoon I am killing time in a coffee shop, about to head to work for an appointment with HR. When I get there, I’ll turn in my badge, they will wish me luck, and I’ll walk out the door. Monday, I start a new chapter in my life with T8 Webware. To say that I’m a little nervous about this change would be an understatement. I’ve spent time with these guys, they are smart, ambitious, and I believe in what they are doing. I’m going to be part of building something awesome, and I’m extremely excited.

I met the guys from T8 at CocoaHeads months ago. We got to talking, and found that we had mutual interests. We met for lunch, I visited their main office (which is beautiful, by the way), we had lunch again, we talked and talked, and they made me an offer. My life is changing because I took the time to learn something new, and to reach out to others who shared the my interests. Go2 will never make me independently wealthy, but it did open up new doors and bring me to meet people and have experiences I would have missed out on otherwise.

I haven’t been to a CocoaHeads meeting lately. Between raising my family and finishing my masters degree, I haven’t had the time. Now that things are falling back into place, I think I owe them a visit.

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