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An Optimistic 2019

CPG Gray and Myke Hurley have been talking about assigning a theme to a year on their Cortex podcast, in lieu of new year’s resolutions. I quite like this idea, and I’ve decided to adopt it. I’ve decided that my personal theme for 2019 is finishing.

Over the years I’ve started, made significant progress, and then dropped several projects once they got to a state I considered “good enough”. I care about the projects too much to drop them completely, but I’ve lacked the motivation to drive them the final mile to completion.

I’ve waffled a bit on adopting this theme because there is something to be said for leaving things behind that don’t work, but after considering it for a while it actually fits perfectly. It’s time to make a decision. This year, I’ll either finish the project, or leave it behind forever.

So, what kind of projects?

A lot of this falls under the heading of “one of these days…”; adopting finishing as my theme of the year is mentally preparing myself for the fact that the day has come. Posting here is just further motivation not to publicly embarrass myself by not following through. This time next year, we’ll see how much I was actually able to get done, and what got left behind.

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