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For some reason today when I opened up MacVim and hit ,t to navigate to a file, MacVim crashed. The terminal spat out an ugly, and unhelpful error about “deadly signal SEGV”, but knowing that I just invoked the Command-T plugin, the error was easy to track down. Command-T is not like other plugins that I have installed with Pathogen, it lives on its own and is not updated as a Git submodule.

To fix the error, all I needed to do is download the latest version of Command-T as a “.vba” file and run through the install again. The install procedure is fairly simple:

To install open the vimball archive in Vim:

vim command-t.vba

Then source it:

:so %

The C extension must also be then compiled; for instance, if Vimball installs your plugin files in ~/.vim, then you would do this:

 cd ~/.vim/ruby/command-t 
ruby extconf.rb 

And now everything is back to normal. Command-T is a great plugin, I recommend it. My latest adventures in Vim are available on Github, if you’d like to follow along.


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