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Electrogent's 50 Rules

One of my favorite things about the Internet is finding a little treasure trove of writing and style that I previously did not know existed. Electrogent is one of those little gems, and his list of 50 rules for his son is full of timeless advice.

Thanks to science, we have all sorts of polymers, synthetics, polyesters, crystalline, and other man-made materials for making life a little better. However, few materials are as awesome, timeless, and useful as leather.

Travel the world… but then come home. Your mother misses you.

You should strive to become an expert in everything like Galileo. The old adage “shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’re still among the stars” applies here. Even if you try and fail to become a great master in all fields of study, you will still attain great knowledge across many disciplines and become a well-rounded person. Even though failing is sometimes necessary, there is basically no way to fail in this pursuit because anything you learn is a success in itself.

Life is meant to be a quest of continuous self-improvement, becoming a little better every day. Electrogent gets it.

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