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Friendly Conversation for the Drive

It’s snowing again, which means my normal 40-minute commute will now be closer to an hour. I’m actually a bit excited by the prospect of a long drive; it will give me some time to catch up on my favorite podcasts, most of which come from Dan Benjamin at 5by5.

What Dan has built at 5by5 is important. He’s amassing a collection of incredibly smart people, the people who design and build the things we use on our computing devices every day. Dan is an accomplished developer himself, and has been publishing online since the paleolithic age on Hivelogic. The 5by5 interviews are an audio library of intelligence. Inspirational and honest, Dan has a talent for asking meaningful questions that cause his guests to think. What I love most about the 5by5 shows, especially The Pipeline, is that Dan always asks questions along the same subject line: “How did you get to where you are?” and “How can the guy sitting in a cubicle get to where you are now?”.

The answers to his questions are often hard, but always truthful. There’s a theme of hard work and dedication that goes through all his guests. You don’t get to be a successful developer, designer, producer, writer, or any other profession without hundreds of hours of sweat and tears. You don’t get to be a successful small business owner without the guts to take the necessary calculated risks.

I don’t subscribe to all of the 5by5 shows, but here are my favorites:

My daily drive is easier now because of 5by5, so, thanks.

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