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You get good at something by doing it repeatedly. I’ve been writing on this site for six years now, but with little direction or topic. I’ve gotten good at not making anything of the site, which is not where I wanted to be when I wrote about why I kept this site in 2011. I’ve not kept to a regular schedule, or a common theme, so I am not surprised to see that the only traffic I have going to the site is my own, and a few that found the site from Google. The preceding statement will make the next seem a bit ridiculous, but bear with me.

I’m starting a weekly sponsorship program for the site. When you sponsor a week of posts on jb, your product post will appear in the main feed three times, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Your product or service will also be mentioned in the site header for the week. Sponsoring jb will expose your product to a small, but growing, audience of creative and technical professionals. Consider this your opportunity to “get in on the ground floor”.

I have, for the past six years, been practicing finding my voice, my interests, and honing my writing style. I have also been deciding on the topics that interest me, that I’m passionate enough to write about, and that I care enough to share with the world. This is a site about quality, quality in our things, how we choose them, what we decide to accept into our lives, and what we spend our time on. I want to shine a light on the goods and services that I find exceptional.

I am also putting up some barriers to what I will write about here. I will not write about systems administration topics, or anything dealing with the general topic of open source software. I already have a venue for those topics, so they are out of scope here. If an open source application that I use is outstanding in some way or another, I might cover it here, but not on the merits of it being open source. Personal and family subjects have been mostly taboo since I started, and will remain so now. I will also not talk about politics or religion. These barriers are mostly to keep myself on track.

This is also a site about the pursuit of excellence in all that we do. This site is about using things that are worth having, and spending our time building things that are worth selling. The previous years were a warm up, the main game starts now, this is a great place to start reading.