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Jim Sanford

My Mama said if I’d be good, she’d send me to the store.
She said she’d bake some gingerbread if I would sweep the floor.
She said if I would make the beds and watch the telephone,
She would send me out to buy a chocolate ice cream cone.

And so I did, the things she said
And she made me some gingerbread.
Then I went out, just me alone
And I bought me a chocolate ice cream cone.

Now on the way home, I stubbed my toe upon a big ol’ stone.
Need I tell you that I dropped my chocolate ice cream cone.
A little doggy came along and took a great big lick.
So I hit that little doggy with a great big stick.
And he bit me, where I sit down.
And he chased me all over town.
And now I’m lost…can’t find my home.
All because of a chocolate ice cream cone!

Good night Papa, we love you.

Jan. 26, 1929 - May 9, 2009
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