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Poor Web Apps

I just spent the past 10 minutes trying to get this article I wrote for BrightHub posted using their online writers application. I’m not sure what language they are using, or what platform the site is running on, but I tried Chrome, Firefox, and finally, out of desperation, Internet Explorer 7, all with the same results. Almost every time I would try to preview the article before submitting it, the application would wipe out everything I just typed. Everything.

That means that I’d have to copy and paste the article into the app again, and screw around with formatting and making sure the links were there. When the app did not wipe everything out when I previewed it, it would wipe it out when I tried to add meta information or assign it to a category.

This was driving me nuts. Thankfully I had pasted the article into Gmail before hand to spell check it properly. So, Gmail automatically saved the article as a draft and it was very easy to copy it back out of there and back into BrightHub.

I know that they are probably making improvements all the time to the system, but I certainly hope that I don’t run into this particular bug again. Good grief… move to wordpress.

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