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Statement of Faith

I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that he became a man and was born to a virgin. Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life, and died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity, for all time, past and future. He was raised from the dead three days later, spoke to his disciples, and now sits enthroned in glory in heaven at the right hand of the Father. Through Faith, I accept this truth, and I accept Jesus as my personal savior.

Through my faith, I am saved. This doesn’t mean that everything always works out fine for me. It doesn’t. I am going through the process of sanctification, an inner changing of who I am, my goals and priorities, the things that I once thought acceptable I no longer do. I will continue this process for the rest of my life, always with the goal of becoming a little more like Christ. It would be easy for someone to point at my past and say “he’s no Christian, look at what he did”, to which I would reply that thanks to the work of God in my life, I am no longer the same as I once was.

My goals in this life are to be the best husband, father, and follower of Christ I can be. Putting aside selfish ambition, I am to run the race set before me. I thank God for the will and the strength to do so.

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