Hey startups and small businesses, I’ve got something new for you: ninepipe.co Custom cloud infrastructure design and consulting, get in touch!

My little personal site might become far more important to me in the near future.

Lots of good things coming up.

MacVim, again. I’ve tried to make BBEdit work for me, but there’s just so much that I wind up wishing for that I don’t have BBEdit configured to do, or that there’s just that little extra bit of friction. The last straw was when BBEdit decided it didn’t need to soft-wrap the lines of Markdown files. I know that it’s probably my fault somehow, but I’m just tired of making excuses for the app in my head.

Microsoft is still a virus. AD starts seeping into everything.

It’s far more relaxing over here than Twitter. Leaving Facebook, and now, mostly, Twitter behind has been very good for me.

Ok, so it’s no where near as nice as a dedicated Twitter client. But it’s fun.

Combining Spotlight, Jekyll, and Automator makes for a pretty nice way to quickly publish. Not quite as smooth as a dedicated Twitter client, but close.

Enjoying rediscovering indie Mac applications and the open web. Things we lost along the way, but some of us are keeping it alive.

Working on my microblog cross posting to Twitter.

Should be good.

I think I’m getting it now.

This is just another test of the microblog format.

This is just a test of the microblog format.